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What We Believe…

“We believe there are more than enough men on campus to supply all fraternities with quality members”
“We believe in Greek Unity”
“We believe in a healthy balance of academic, service, and social life”
“We believe in inclusivity rather than exclusivity”
“We believe in helping young men achieve more”
“We believe in giving back to members beyond college years”
“We believe in interfraternalism across all councils”

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Who We Are…

“We are an organization with a long, positive history at SUNY New Paltz”
“We are a local fraternity with a global reach”
“We are an organization with alumni from every corner of the globe, and speak over 25 languages”
“We are alumni the top in our industries”
“We are Emmy Award Winners and top executives at Google”
“We are Educators, Lawyers, Government Officials, and Pioneers in Technology”

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What We Offer…

“We offer membership in an organization that is active beyond college years”
“We offer a focus on academic success and leadership”
“We offer mentorship programs with our alumni and friends”
“We offer to pay your dues if you keep a GPA of 3.75 or higher”
“We offer scholarships that promote academic success”
“We offer scholarships that help members study abroad”
“We offer scholarships for graduate study”
“We offer scholarships to promote leadership – Undergraduate Interfraternity Institute / UIFI”

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